Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Writing/art Update

Well, 'Only Fear' is finished, unless D'zan's owner has problems with it (which I will hopefully know /soon/). And boy, is it a tear-jerker. A heck of a lot darker than 'For Pity's Sake.' Feels good to have something finished. Almost ready to start my new sketchbook, and I looked back at the current one to realize it's nearly *entirely* illustrations for 'Pity' and its companion stories. Hmm.... Not that they're bad, but it's frustrating not being able to share them because they're almost all spoilers in the Kadanzer timeline, and Pern fanart besides, so I can't put them in Elfwood. *fidgets and whines*

Found a rough draft of the opening to my novel, and have decided that it's pretty darn good. Nice gripping opening. But I have no idea where the file is; I found the hardcopy of it. Bother... Also found the rough of the Snow Unicorn kids book, which I would like to finish some day soon. (That was in pencil still... hasn't been moved to electronic at all, since it sort of centers around the art.)

Writing the articles for Woodworks has been rather refreshing, rather like stretching brainbits that don't get used very often. I enjoy them. (And sadly, squeeze them out at work when I should be drafting... *sighs* I'm such a bad girl.)

Had a great idea for another WW article title: Grab Your Torches; How To Avoid Mob Mentality. Also would like to do an article on wasted genius.

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