Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weekend Report

RWH Tarot

Oh boy!! I printed up a test page for the tarot project last weekend, and got it laminated and cut one out, clipped the corners and played with it a bit. Oo-la! These are going to look great.


Woot! Lots accomplished. Box of orders here to go out, t-shirts and mousepads to press at lunch, more orders came in late yesterday. Not getting rich, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pay off the credit card purchase of all those shirts and mousepads and the press now. (Probably still no laptop...) Lots still to do. Looking at perhaps saddle binding Sylver's book instead of perfect binding... Won't look as nice, but half the output time and won't cost as much. Hmm... Have to experiment and see how it looks. Maybe offer a two-or-three-part saddle bound version and later a pricey collectable full volume 1 perfect bound. Would still like to have that available before New Years. Still have lots of designs to put up.


Full again.


Watched Stargate and some Family Guy and some Futurama (did that get cancelled?!?!?) and got some art time and read about half of a collection of Regency Christmas romances. That addictive new Palm game isn't quite as addictive now. Anyone know of good games to recommend? I'd love a good version of majong. (Only free ones I've found crash my Palm.) I also want to go ahead and pay (if I have to) for a decent little art program. I couldn't do anything print worthy, of course, but maybe some fun little web-style graphics.

I covet a tablet PC.

Much to do...


Edit: Oh yeah! And I ordered three volumes of Spectrum. I have been lusting for issues of Spectrum for about three years...

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