Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Lots to do today, no surprise.

EMG Stuff
~Web updates
~Other endless stuff like emails (slogging through the oldest of them now...)
~call Date Line about picking up the heat press next week. Already paid for.
~See about adding a line to my epilogue ad about the mousepad/t-shirt sale.

Self Stuff
~First Friday art ramble with Melody. WOO HOO!
~be nice to my back

House Stuff
~dishes. *grumble*
~sweep and vacuum... stepped on a splinter on my rug this morning and just about cried...

Christmas Stuff
~Finish packages for Jennie, Gette and Whit/Ron. Start all the other packages.
~Do Christmas shopping for everyone. I have nothing yet and suck.

Woodworks Stuff
~Finish Charmed Destinies review, ask about reviewing chapbooks
~Maybe finish one of those darn half-done articles.
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