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The Safeway pickup was painless. They were out of a few things (flour—not shocking, cherry pie filling, soap, English muffins, lime juice, chocolate chips...) but the produce was plentiful and looked excellent and they had the ground beef and buns and chocolate milk. They were very apologetic that I was charged $40 for tomatoes and they couldn't reverse the charge without going to corporate, which wasn't open because time zones, so I'm expecting a large partial refund today. I was disappointed that they couldn't accept tips, because they were all SO nice and prompt and I didn't have to go into the store.

We wiped down the plastics and vinegar-watered the produce and then had an AMAZING dinner of grilled burgers and chips and chocolate milk.

It is drizzling today and the snow is sinking down into dirty nothing.

Mentally, I'm hanging in there. I do keep finding half-written emails and realizing that they would have been relevant when I wrote them and probably nobody wants to hear from me, mopemope, so I delete them, and I have rather major nerves for several things I have out in the ether, but aside from that, I'm plowing forward on DPL, and feeling just barely put together.

Daughter and I haven't gotten out as much the last few days because of ice, so we may try to remedy that today, because she is having a VERY hard time right now. Lots of meltdowns, constant talk-back, nothing is good enough, getting stuck on doing a SPECIFIC thing and then insisting on it. It's... just hard, and I'm trying to be patient, but when I'm trying to get her DRESSED for a Zoom with her teacher in five minutes and she's just not cooperating... ugh. And then there is crying and I'm all 'you can't see your teacher like this do you need a hug?' and she's all 'NO YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ME.' I want to be nurturing but still have boundaries, and I KNOW her world is upside down and her parents are stressed and she's doing an amazing job for her age and emotional capacity.

Poor kitten.

Now a little writing and prepping daughter for karate class. I may call it a no-school day and do card games and play outside to try to reset attitudes.

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