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Got a lot done today, even worked a little on the catalog (yay!).

+ Got three orders out and two ready for rolls (which I am out of)
+ Finished payments (except Elfwood... crap, I forgot about it today and have to find my low-limit credit card to do that. No way am I using my high-limit credit card on the internet... not after my visa number got stolen.)
+ Found two pieces of well-buried artwork that need to be mailed. (Still missing one *sigh*) Also found the art that I did for the RWH tarot, which I still need to scan.
+ Found my desk! Wow! You have no idea what a task this was!!
+ Worked on the catalog a little
+ Fixed several pages on my webpage and officially closed down the printing services. A little earlier than I was planning to for the summer, but egads, I am swamped.
+ Got my begging-for-help email written and mailed, and found someone to be the moderator for my message board.
+ Washed a big load of dishes
+ Hung my frozen clothes in the living room (I love doing laundry in the winter :P)
+ Wrote about a billion (okay, maybe 20) business messages.

I'm hungry.

And I'm all tired out for Tai Chi tonight.

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