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Looking for some escape in these weird and stressful times? Escape is basically what I write, and if you'd like a .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (iBooks, etc.) of any of my books, just shoot me a message and I'll send you one. No charge, no obligation to review (though that's lovely if you liked it!), just hoping you can find a few hours of relief from the relentlessly crazy world we live in. That's...basically why I write.

ETA: I write paranormal romance, for anyone new. Here is a list of what is available.

As Zoe Chant
Zoe Chant books are always straight, happy-ever-after, love-at-first-sight shifter books.

Tropical Tiger Spy is the first book of Shifting Sands Resort. This is a complete 10-book series of interconnected stand-alones that builds to an epic conclusion in the final book. Adventure on a mysterious tropical island full of quirky staff.

Dancing Bearfoot is the first book of Green Valley Shifters. There are four books in the series, the fifth is being written. These are light, fluffy, low-conflict books about found family and second chances in a small town, with kids and humor and family love. These all stand alone quite well - there isn't an overall story arc, although many characters reoccur.

Dragon of Glass is the first book of Fae Shifter Knights. I have just finished the second book in this series - four are planned. I am happy to send book 2 (Unicorn of Glass) ahead of schedule to anyone who asks as well. :) This series is shifter portal fantasy with fish-out-of-water knights trapped in our modern world.

As Elva Birch
Elva is my personal pen name, for a wider range of subjects. Still lots of romance and magic, but it's not always straight, and not as formulaic.

Prompted is free with subscription to my email list, but you can request this one with no strings, too. This collection includes 12 pieces of flash fiction, written to prompts. From 100 words to 1000, from sweet to sizzling.

Shape Shifters is another collection of shorts, but these range from 1000 words to 10,000. From fated mates to fairy tales, from the cold depths of space to hot wildfires in Alaska, entrancing tales of love and transformation. This releases March 23, but you can have it early.

The Dragon Prince of Alaska is an exciting romp through an alternate Alaska ruled by dragons. Reluctant royalty! Relentless enemies!

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