Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

During this morning's painfully boring department meeting, I tallied up how much work I have to add to the webpage: 72 designs and 10 new artists. At least. I think I didn't get them all.

I have /got/ to figure out a collapsing artist list.

My goal is to get them all up by... oh, mid-December. So, about five designs a day. Plus artist pages and product page updates... and I still have ~7 of those artists still to contact and contract. And orders to fill. And Tarot to print. And Sylver's book to print... *dies*

By New Years, then, that's only two per day, and I can definitely do that. And there's a bunch of four-day weekends coming up.

Then, one month off, and I get to do all this fun stuff again. I am definitely up for a mid-summer submission shutdown.

January is for me. I've already decided. I'm going to push ahead on the Key Project, and finish some stories and work on art-for-me, and maybe put out a book of short stories and illustrations. I'll work on the house a bit, and maybe take Tai Chi for the month and fix up my own corner of the webpage and take long walks in the woods and just be good to myself for a while. I have to.

Big presentation today, and I'm feeling a bit scared. I hate public speaking. Off to grab some lunch so I at least have decent blood sugar levels...

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