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If I were rich...

I would build a whole community in my birch forest, and fly everyone who wanted to come up to Alaska to live/visit here.

I would hire Ciri to take pictures for me... I need to work from photographs more, and I know what I want, but I'm not willing to offer her the insulting pittance I can afford.

I would beg Tarlia to come and manage things for me. She's good at management. I just want to sit in a corner and draw and write.

I would pay for Lady Fireborn's English degree. I'd love to make her go to school here, but UAF's English dept isn't that hot. Then, of course, I'd make her write stories for me to illustrate.

I would buy Jennie her own personal Post Office. Or better yet, make her come live on my land so she doesn't have to go to the post office. We can both sit in corners being unsocial and draw.

I would chain Steph and Ursula in small cages and make them teach me how to paint.

I would corner Sylver into letting me publish Wish^3 exclusively, and make millions more off of it. (Which would of course, require more equipment than I have now...)

I would hire Mirar to fill my webpage with cool scripts that do nifty things that I haven't had the time to teach myself.

I would take classes. Every class of drawing and painting that I can.

I would get Jessi a place to live with no roommate and a reliable internet connection.

I would hire Yasha an on-call nanny for her young relatives.

I would give Gsveda a big gorgeous, fancy sewing machine and a room full of fun fabric.

I would give Blindwolf a full moon. (Come on, if I'm rich enough to do the rest of this stuff, I may as well rearrange the skies)

I would buy everyone flowers on random days... flowers are so cheerful.

Have I mentioned that I would sit in a corner and draw?

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