Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Goals, looking back at 2019 and forward to 2020, with all its glorious vision jokes...

For 2019, I said:

I have NDA artwork to finish, and I am hopeful that the project will be completed and released in March. I want to do some artwork in color. I want to do #junicorn again, and #inktober, and #NaNoWriMo. I want to write 5 books. I want to publish 5 books and a collection of short stories. I want to put Shifting Sands out in hardcopy. I have amorphous ideas about a unicorn oracle deck collected from my #junicorns.

I want to blog more.

I want to be healthier and more fit.

I want to be brave and honest and kind and creative.

How'd I do? I did finish the NDA project and it was released. I did not do anything major in color. I did #junicorn, but not #inktober. I did write a book for #NaNoWriMo. I wrote SIX books. I published SIX books and a collection of short stories...plus I had stories in anthologies and wrote some short stories for this year's publication. I put Shifting Sands in hardcopy (and also DANCING BEARFOOT and also DRAGON OF GLASS). I did nothing with the oracle deck idea.

I blogged plenty, I was...maybe marginally more healthy? I could definitely do better.

I was so brave. Crazy brave. I think I was honest, I hope I was kind, and I was decidedly creative.

So... for 2020?

Creative Goals:

*Write six books

*Publish six books and two story collections (Is that crazy? Probably!)

*Submit to two anthologies

*30 pieces of cat art in one month. #junikitty? #janucat?

*Work on the sequel to the Alaska Animals Native Translation coloring book

Personal Goals:

*Work on my physical strength

*Avoid comparing myself with others and focus on self-confidence without outside validation

Aaaand... I think that's a pretty good list. A little hard to quantify the personal goals, but that's okay.

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