Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Woot. Five more designs up over at the usual place. And I'm finished (for now) with two of those artists. *wipes hands*

And I think that's it for the most time sensitive pieces, which is not to say I don't want to push forward with all the rest of this stuff for Christmas, but at least people can order Christmas cards for mailing out in reasonable time.

And Sylver, I dunno about getting your book finished in time for Christmas ordering. :( I still have bugs to work out of the binding method, and it's so impossible to say how long that's going to take. I'll make a push for it, but I really, really want to get the RWH tarot finished, seeing as they paid for them, what, two years ago? I suck I suck I suck...

Well, no, I don't /suck/, but I gotta get more done.

Aleve and ice have greatly reduced my ow-ow-owing, though I plan to spend serious quality time with my massage-heating-chair cover and recliner tonight. Probably with a hot toddy.


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