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Sunday Snippet

Dragon Prince's Quest is a little over 40k now, and I'm filling in holes while I figure out the fight mechanics for the final battle. (Seriously, right now I don't see how everybody doesn't die. Bad guy has a hostage. I can't figure out how to get my hero to risk the heroine but he's got to be hero-y, so... I dunno how this is going to work. My notes just say, 'they defeat the bad guy.' Unhelpful of you, past me.)

Suddenly it wasn’t just an engagement of convenience.

Carina hadn’t ever spent a lot of time imagining her perfect wedding or designing her wedding gown or mooning over cute boys. She had pictured a long, single life as a boring accountant, married only to her work. Maybe she’d get a dog.

And when her life had toppled upside down, marriage was the last thing on her mind. Even when she was forced into the arrangement, it seemed like a formality, just a title, a name for a business transaction that was in everyone’s best interests.

But it was different now.

She would have agreed to marry Toren even if he hadn’t been a dragon shifter and a prince. She would have married him if he’d been a pauper, or one of the crazy Alaskan sourdoughs with a beard to his knees.

She would have married him even without the mate magic, Carina realized, kissing him until she was breathless and dizzy.

It wasn’t just that she felt irresistibly drawn to him anymore. If that were suddenly to go away, she would still love him.

The thought drew her up short and her lips froze.

She loved this man, this sweet, funny, clever prince of Alaska.

“Are you okay?” Toren asked, because of course he would. Carina stared into his silver eyes and wanted his infatuation with her to be real more than anything else in the whole world.

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