Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snippet Sunday...

From Fake Fur, which is almost finished -- it just needs an epilogue now!

Just as Amy thought she might drop back into sleep, she heard something else outside, a snuffling sort of sound that she couldn’t resolve.

Wondering what it was drove her all the way awake with adrenaline, as hard as Amy tried to convince herself that it wasn’t anything to be worried about. It was highly unlikely that Scarlet had put them up in this nice of a tent in order to feed them to some weird Costa Rican beach monster.

The snuffling sound seemed to fade away.

Amy had finally gotten her heart rate under control again, convincing herself that she’d probably imagined the snorty sound, when she started thinking about Calvin again.

That was not going to help her get back to sleep, she realized quickly, remembering his shy smile, savoring the memory of their conversation, and the way he’d said her name. After a few moments, she rolled out of the amazing bed and put her feet into the slippers. Only one strip of twinkle lights was still on, but Amy found a flashlight on a low table next to the couch. The door to Brandon’s room was still open; it looked like he’d never shown up.

She left the flashlight off as she stepped outside, drawing in a breath at the view.

The moon was low in the sky, huge and bright and surrounded by glittering stars in the clear night. The ocean stretched before her, reflecting the moonlight off of rows of wrinkled waves. The air was richly scented, and warmer than she had expected. Amy drew in a deep breath and looked down the beach.

She blinked.

There was an elephant on the beach.

A shaggy, monstrous elephant was meandering around in the surf, and as it turned, Amy realized by the fur and the size of its tusks that it wasn’t an elephant at all.

It was a mammoth.

Amy gaped at it, nearly dropping her flashlight as her fingers went numb with shock.

And then it got weirder.

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