Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Life in the big woods

This weekend was a whirlwind of piano lessons and cleaning and rearranging the garage, doing laundry, taking in trash, getting water, and milk from the farm, grocery shopping, getting gas, chopping wood... and building a stick fort in the "back yard" with Guppy.

We don't really have a "yard." We have 36 acres of wild birch forest backed up against a 365 acre greenbelt. I can barely make out one light from one neighbor up the hill through the trees... if it's dark, and there aren't leaves on the trees. (Of course it's not often dark when there ARE leaves on trees.)

Yesterday, driving home from piano lessons, we saw a grouse and then chased a fox down the driveway. Not deliberately. He just chose to saunter down the driveway we needed to go down. We went slow and he looked annoyed but not hassled, and then he ran off past the house into the forest.

It's a weird in-between season right now - last week was slushy snow (and terrible roads), but the ground was still too warm for it to stick. This week is colder and dry.

I finished the rough draft of Dragon of Glass on Friday. Probably the most unsatisfactory "the end" yet, because I know how much work it needs before I can even send it out for edits. I'm already planning to re-write several scenes. I let it set over the weekend so I can look at it with fresh eyes on Monday. Ready to be done with this one already. Fake Fur is ridiculous fluff up to 8k now.

There was a Sketch Fest this weekend - I did two loose sketches, which was nice. Oh! And the second Alaska Animals translation coloring book is moving again. (As is a freelance project that Will. Not. Die.)

I may run away for a day at the hot springs this week because I am desperate need of soaking.

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