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Got that rush printing order done... yay! Found out that Norton will try to scan the print file and fouls up the communication with the printer, so I have to disable it while printing (at least for very large files). Which is a great relief, because I was afraid it was going to be one of those three-hour take apart the printer, clean it, reassemble, tighten screws, fiddle with settings and cuss to the extent of my vocabulary sorts of affairs. I've done that enough times already.

Finally have work to do at work, and have Thursday off to try to catch up with all my stuff. At the least I can get these orders off. With luck, I can also clean my desk and make progress on the catalog. I will not write. I will not write. I will not write. I will not write. Except business emails. I will be good.

Considering dying my hair red again. I do that periodically, with one of those '28 washings' dyes... Stoplight red is my color of choice, and I love the way it fades into a strawberry blonde for me. I haven't tried a dye since I started swimming, though; probably wouldn't mix well. Maybe over the summer when our pass expires.


Off to hunt down a cup of something caffienated.

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