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#junicorn 2019 landing page!

Junicorn is one of my very favorite parts of summer. For the past three years, I have joined this challenge to produce 30 pieces of unicorn art, and like the last few years, I am making my focus colored pencil pieces on tinted paperstock.

(There is a very good chance that I will NOT do all 30 this year, because I am having eye surgery halfway through the month and I have no idea what kind of productivity I can expect at the other end of that...)

Original cards, prints, stickers, and magnets are available!
NEW: Commission a card for $25. Give me a theme, prompt, or specific description!
Any single original is $15, 2 for $20, 3 for $25, or 4 for $30.
Signed prints are $5 each, 8 for $20, or 30 for $40.
Get #junicorns of your choice as magnets or stickers. $5 each or 5/$15.

Shipping is included (Even International!)
Payment is via Paypal: https://paypal.me/EllenMillionGraphics (click this link to pay, or let me know what you want and I'll send you an invoice)

You can mix-and-match from prior years designs as well:

2018: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1628729.html
2017: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1604777.html
2016: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1538566.html

You can wait for the end of the month to make choices - but claims are first come first served, so if there's an original you have your eye on, comment, email, or message me (on any platform) to snag it.

Claimed originals have red exes.

Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1640226.html
Tags: #junicorn, #junicorns, artwork, crowdfunding

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