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Ellen Million

Close enough to the end of May...

May was stuffed, but that's not unusual. Let's review!


It's worth a note that I'm deliberately listing writing first now. At some point in the last two years, I have made a conscious shift in my creative energy from visual art to words. This is in no small part because it is far more fiscally rewarding, but also because it's a lot more inspiring right now. I am absolutely loving the worlds I'm writing in.

Bearly Together: 4300 (I hope to add to this today)
Tropical Dragon's Destiny: 14000
Balance: 7300 (plus editing and submitting)
Magnolia and Chef's Christmas story that needs a title: 5500
Total: 31,100 - which JUST meets my goal, even if it wasn't how I intended to distribute the wordcounts. I consider this a minor miracle, given this month.
[ETA] 1400 words added to Bearly together on the last day, for a final count of 32.5k.

Things related to Writing:

Lots of advertising things
I've laid out a paperback version of Tropical Tiger Spy that should be here next week!

Art things!

I did one new portrait for Portrait Adoption:

(Click to adopt!)

I also dug several pieces out of my archives and added them to my portrait adoption page.

I did not do anything for Sketch Fest because the end of school made the month a freaking madhouse. (June Sketch Fest is next weekend!)

Life things!

We went traveling for 10 days to Chicago and Wisconsin, which was lovely.
Guppy successfully completed first grade. There were many playdates this month.
She also did a school concert and a piano recital (after four lessons!)
I decided to close Portrait Adoption.

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