Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I am Zoe Chant! BOOK!

Book! Book! BOOK!

I'm flailing happily, in no small part because I no longer have to be secretive about my participation in this group pseudonym.

I am Zoe Chant!

One of several, mind you; I did not write everything under that name, just the Shifting Sands Resort series, and Dancing Bearfoot.

These are my spicy not-a-books I've been referring to; they are short, silly, fluff romance books, with a side of magic and a slice of adventure. No jerks, no doormats, always a happy ending and never a cliffhanger, though there is an over-arcing story that will conclude in four more books. (er, five. Book six comes out next month! But four more to write.)

(And I am so looking forward to sharing it! Wheeeeeee!)

Latest book: http://myBook.to/tropicaldragondiver

Or start with the box set of the first three: http://myBook.to/shiftingsandsbox1

(If you would prefer not to see these updates and continue pretending I am a sweet, innocent, child-safe artist only, please just drop me a note and I can exclude you from posts on this topic so you can continue to follow me safely. I will NEVER post anything graphic or NSFW, but I totally get it if you'd just not like to know about this part of my body of work, as it is a bit of a departure from my usual.)

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