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I went to the gym today and did half of my much neglected physical therapy routine. Next week, I hope to go TWICE and do it all.

After working out and showering, I sat in the cafe and wrote for a while - until the power went out and I sat around in the dark for a little while (technically, I was still able to work, but it was kind of... creepy) and then went and got sushi takeout to eat with Jake at the end of town that still had power. We've gotten quite a lot of snow the past few days it's been very warm, heavy snow.

The end of this not-a-book is in sight. I've got the big show-down and resolution just started, and a sweet epilogue to write, then I think there's a half-written scene to go back and finish, and I want to shoe-horn in a dance-lesson scene somewhere. I'm almost at 35k, so this is already longer than the last two books. (That's excellent - longer books mean more kindle read pages!)

The last published not-a-book is strolling along towards the top 1000 Kindle books right now, with a staggered promotional release - the largest bump will come tomorrow. It should fall after that, and, fingers crossed, then rebound higher as it gets into also-boughts and features in the magic of Amazon algorithms.

I'm so behind on emails and replies, sorry - this is the end of book slog and I'm slowly getting caught up on some of the other to-do items, so those will happen, too.

Happy Valentine's Day! Whatever kind of love you choose to celebrate, may your heart be full.

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