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Long Live Elfwood

Like 20 or so other people, my journal starts today with 'Elfwood is dead.' Long live Elfwood.

I can't say that I didn't see it coming, and I can't even say that I'm really sorry. Don't get me wrong; Elfwood was wonderful, and I wouldn't be where I am today without it. But it wasn't designed for the load it ended up dealing with. And I've been in Thomas' shoes; running something for the sole purpose of the joy of it, met with irritation, appreciation, dissention and a whole pile of other things. And after a while, you have to ask yourself, what am I putting in? What am I getting out? And when it comes down to it, is it worth it? The answer for Thomas, for now, appears to be no. I'm not even terribly angry at the offending parties. I've known plenty of people like them; it's easy to be aggressive on a keyboard. It's easy to forget how your words can be mis-interpreted.

If I were in charge of the world, Elfwood would re-open, but the galleries would be purged of anything objectionable. ERB can take their sweet time sifting through the dregs of Elfwood, emailing artists, carrying on the time-consuming discussions with offended artists that are bound to occur. *ALL* artists would have the choice of following the rules or leaving Elfwood. And Elfwood can reopen with all of its constituents in order (FanQuarter, too), all of the garbage purged out. (I mean garbage in the sense that it doesn't belong, not in that it is literally garbage.) Inactive artists can be cycled out. Some of the front page organization that has been discussed can be implemented. The tours information can be in place (I've been dying to see what they were going to do with that!). And from here forward, the ERB sifts the new work before it is posted. It's a monumental task, but apparently necessary.

People seem incapable of policing themselves. It may be an age issue. As you grow up, you are able to see that rules have reasons; that even if you don't agree with a rule, there is a certain amount of give and take that has to occur for inclusion in society (whatever society is in question. I toyed with the idea of a different age requirement in Elfwood (in my position as hypothetical ruler of the world), but decided that was ill thought-out. I've seen well-behaved 15 yr olds and 30 yr olds who can't seem to get through a day without creating havoc.

Of course, I'm not in charge of the world, and I wish Thomas luck in whatever he does. And I hope I can get rid of the rest of these T-shirts and mousepads...

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