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Stupidly busy...

Playdates and books and #inktober, oh my!

I finished my latest not-a-book on Monday. FINISHED IT DONE! I'm still reeling a little, because I wrote this book in 6 weeks. It's not a long or complicated book, but it's still A BOOK, and it's done and off for first round edits and I'm really proud of myself. I don't even feel like I pushed that hard - I started September ten days late and still got my 500 words/day goal for the month, and in October I aimed at 1000 words/day but didn't beat myself up if I fell short and then I was blinking at the screen and somehow done with the story. I'm sitting down with the outline for the next and hoping to make that my NaNoWriMo goal. This one I'm super excited about. Exiled dragon and mermaid thief! Woo! It may clock in shorter than 50k... but on the other hand, it may not. I am not going to snivel if I don't have it finished in November, because that's a lot of words and a busy month. (Two shows! Thanksgiving!)

Today I'm cleaning the house because we're getting double playdate after Kindergarten today. And I think I have to rsvp for a birthday party this weekend. (Hold me.) And I've got a dentist appointment this morning and tomorrow I have to take stock of my skeleton army and see where I am for the show next weekend. I ordered Christmas and flower cards last night because it suddenly occurred to me that I was running out of October in a very rapid fashion. OH! And I've uploaded a new coloring book to my printer and should be approving prints today or tomorrow.

And I'm still doing #inktober! I livestreamed #19 and #20 yesterday at my Facebook Artist Page - you can still see the recording there: https://www.facebook.com/EllenMillionArtistrix/

Prompted by Geekdame, this is probably my favorite #inktober so far:

(Original available, $30. Patreon patrons get half price.)

Off to do the things now.

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