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Irony and plans

Heh... about the time people seem to be complaining about angsty entries on LJ, I post one of the top five angsty entris of my LJ career. Probably, anyway. I don't get very angsty.

I also never, ever, ever say 'It can't get worse.' I will never say that again. Second to the last time I said that, I broke my back, followed by a grim, 'well, it really can't get worse than this.' Of course, it did. I *am* feeling maudlin today... I'll stop now.

Anyway, I have developed a plan of attack. Tonight is laundry night (having been thwarted yesterday), followed by swimming, followed by cleaning my desk. Most of my problem is that I go upstairs to my tiny, tiny corner and look at the disaster engulfing my desk, realize there is simply no room to work, get discouraged, and it's all downhill from there. Actually, before I clean the desk I have to get that damn special order printed. Assuming I don't have printer memory problems. I think I know how to solve them. I'm thinking about closing the printing end of my business, but it's about half of my EMG income right now, which would be fairly constrictive. I can't wait until I can go back to working part time. One year. Just one more year.

Anywho... boring day at work, can you tell?
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