Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Inktober begins!

I am four pieces into #inktober on day two! One is a commissioned sketch (of a catbox) for a patent cut-sheet, two of them are coloring pages for the next Coloring Alaska book... which I hope to release the first week of November.

This the fourth one:

Inked kitty with pumpkins
This was experimenting with a Copic brushpen that I think I quite like. Original available: $15 includes all shipping.

I wrote a little over a thousand words on the not-a-book this morning, and have pie-in-the-sky ideas of getting it finished this month. I hit my goal of 500 words/day last month, despite starting 10 days late, so it feels... actually possible. I also jotted down some of the ideas I have for the NEXT book, which is one I really, really want to write.

There is snow in the forecast for next week. Hold me.

Off to go shopping again today... because I forgot bread.

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