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Tuesdaily with Clean All The Things!

Over the weekend, I spent a few hours doing triage on my studio space. I broke down some old boxes that had been lying around, put together a load of things for cold storage, sorted the various paperwork that had accumulated in drifts around the desk, and basically made it usable space again. It is so shiny and happy down there now. I look FORWARD to working there, instead of dreading it.

Today, I decided to do the same with Guppy. I declared no TV until she cleaned her room, then went up with her and turned 'cleaning' into 'massively purging.' I threw away a trashbag of stuff, and put together several boxes and two very full trashbags of things to sell at a garage sale this spring. We emptied out her entire dresser into the closet drawers. The dresser was in pretty bad shape (I kept having to fix the drawers), and I can envision the room without it, very cheerfully. (I couldn't move it out myself, and she's not that kind of help yet.) It went from disaster zone to a bright, happy, clean space in just a few hours, and I let her watch Octonauts until quiet time.

I'm half a poem, a sketch, and a colored pencil piece into Muse Fusion. I've been re-reading some of the Torn World stuff on the site, and it's been FUN. I had forgotten a lot of it, and reading it again 'like new' has not been as painful as I feared. Some of this is actually good, and I should put Rails into ebook format posthaste. I also want to put the Itadesh Fire into a single download, too. Hmm!

I've got the outline for my next not-a-book down, too. About 2000 words of outline - is that normal? Some scenes are just: "Adorable montages of shopping... awww!" but some of them have notes about several different interactions I want to work in. Stepping back and looking at the outline, I like it. There's lots of places for fun humor, and good realistic (within the boundaries of the ridiculous premise) relationship tension, and it hits the structural beats I want it to very nicely. The end is a bit hand-wavy right now, but that worked out okay with the last two books. Let's hope I can work out the detailed solutions as I get closer.

Have some artwork!

This guy was inked for #inktober, and recently released on Portrait Adoption


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Mar. 22nd, 2017 05:01 am (UTC)
It is so shiny and happy down there now.
Awesome! Having an appealing place to work, where one can just go in and start working rather than having to clean up and deal with things, is a delight. And motivation. <eyes clutter>

About 2000 words of outline - is that normal?
Wildly variable with the author. I am not surprised to hear that you tend toward the planning end of the scale. :)
Mar. 22nd, 2017 10:26 pm (UTC)
It should not surprise me to be a thorough outliner, either. I'm not sure why it does. :P

KILL THE CLUTTER! You can do it!
Mar. 24th, 2017 10:15 am (UTC)
Reading this makes me want to go tidy up some more. Maybe we can create a positive feedback loop. :)
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