Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with brain-squeezing... and Torn World

One of the things I've wanted to do with Torn World is merge it a little more nicely with the rest of EMG - and yesterday, in a fit of... something... I decided to tackle that. I'm about halfway through the process, and the hardest and scariest parts are done. (I about gave myself a heart attack as I pressed DELETE on the entire artist database for EMG and hoped to the depths of my SOUL that the backup was going to work correctly. [SPOILER: it did.])

I still have a lot of mop-up left to do, but it's coming together nicely, and I'm also purging out some leftover gruff that wasn't doing anything (the old tours functionality that never did what I wanted, and some commented-out stuff leftover from the site I borrowed a lot of the script from). I'm also... sort of impressed with myself. The Torn World site is really pretty amazing. I mean, don't go look right now while it's all half-broken, but holy MOLY. This is an awesome thing I've built. I love the storyline functions, and the way you can browse next/previous within storylines or follow the timeline, and the article organization is finally as I'd envisioned, and once you step in, you can just follow threads around and get a sense of how rich and in-depth the world actually is.

I stepped away from the project feeling really discouraged about it a year or whenever ago, and I had forgotten some of the more wonderful aspects of it. The webpage, not to be too humble about it, is one of those things. It could be made more mobile-friendly, for sure, and that's definitely on my list once the broken bits are all picked up and put back together. The landing page could use an update, too. But the bolts? The backend? Oh, yeah.

It makes me want to write some more for it, too, but commercial books are where my writing time needs to go right now. (Which, tbh, I am getting SUPER excited about writing as well...)

Anyway, this is advance notice of our next Muse Fusion! March 20-24 will be a week of Torn World inspiration! I will be available for a chat (times to be announced), and we'll be doing a Sketch Fest-esque prompt-fest of creative inspiration, for writing, artwork, and metafiction. The site will be back to tiptop shape by then (I think it will only be another hour of bug-squashing, tops), and it's possible that the fusion will be hosted there - otherwise, we're trying a social media mix of Facebook and LJ.

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