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Things that frustrate me and trying to remember simple joys

*Trying to do laundry over the weekend and finding every single washer in the place full (both times I tried), and a line of people out the door with hampers of dirty laundry.

*Trying to post 3-4 times to LJ and getting timeout errors, and being too irritated to save what I'd written.

*Listening to the radio on the way to work and the DJs don't play a single song, too busy revelling in the sounds of their own voices and lame jokes. Argh.

*Trying to print a rush special order and getting error after error after reboot after error, until I give up.

*Trying to get anything done and only getting more and more and more behind, watching everything spiral out of control.

My flagged-for-quick-follow-up messages are four scroll-screens long now. Ugh...

*sigh* Spent a while last night curled up in Jake's chair trying very hard not to feel sorry for myself and hating everything I tried to draw. I'm just so... tired. Like everyday is this great fight to stay afloat. I'm tired of fighting. I want to read for fun again, and spend guilt-free days without working. I want working on my business to be *fun* again. I want to paint for myself and not beat myself up afterwards for not doing something productive...

Blech. I should know better than to let myself ramble on like this.

I did get to go art supply shopping! That was fun, and I got a great deal, *and* I didn't have to spend any money... I had a $25 gift card from my Sweetie for Christmas. I got a new sketchpad (only 2 pages left in the previous one, and I was never happy with the tooth), titanium white oil paint, artgel (very cool-looking brush and hand cleaner) and this new coated artboard that isn't textured. I painted on it last night, and I really, really liked the picture that I was able to finish. (Though I still think my oils are a little... mmmm... blurry.) When it's dry, I'll post it.

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