Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm sure.

Monday, and I've had my coffee. :)

It was a good weekend!

I finished penciling the hatching unicorn, finished inking the dangly gryphon, finished coloring Bad Snowy (though I am decidedly Not Very Happy with it), and finished coloring the Mermaids picture - which I won't show you 'cause I'm still stewing over Ciri's request. I'd really like to do something specifically /for/ WW, but I know me and my copious freetime... and now I've got /another/ project that I'd really like to finish before Christmas so I can give copies to various peoples. RWH tarot takes precedent over all of that, however.

I almost completely ignored my email this weekend, other than to read through the various 'I lost my password' and 'I forgot about the deadline' and 'haven't you looked through my work yet?' emails... I'll write today and explain that I'm a nice - if busy - person and give out a handful of third and fourth chances just for asking (*hint, hint, hint*), plus drop lines to everyone in limbo. Lotsa people in limbo... eep.

Tonight I get some EMG time, yay! Plan to print Cardinals for Ursula, fill two orders, and work on some signature page stuff. Got some done on Friday. Would like to scan the finished work, too, and maybe fix up Bad Snowy a bit. I also, very much, need to clean out the car. Ugh.

Owowowowowow... I've got a spot on my cheek that I bit really hard a handful of days ago, and it swelled up and I kept biting it, and now it's got a canker sore and it's just killing me!! I need booze, but I doubt they'd look kindly on me swilling scotch at work, even for numbing medicinal reasons and even if I spit it out 'cause it tastes foul. :P

'Nuff for now...

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