Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with cold, cold hands

It's been a morning, and there's heating problems at the tea shop, and me without my fingerless gloves. *shivers*

I'm plotting my next book, and had to take a side turn to write out some ideas for a Beauty and the Beast retelling that has been stewing around in my head and bubbled to the surface after mizkit wrote out some of her thoughts of the original story.

Have a peek:

“She's beautiful,” I said, at Beast's elbow.

He startled, and I felt a certain amount of smugness in being able to surprise him. I'd learned to walk quietly, in the great echoing halls of his castle, and I liked being invisible.

“She's beautiful,” Beast agreed mournfully.

I've got all the ACEO prints punched and the first batch out. I wanted to get the rest done yesterday, but the day went completely sideways on me instead. TODAY I will get them packed up and mailed!

Off to write a little and refine my next not-a-book plot. Stay warm!

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