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Rocking the invoicing, sold some art, jamming to Budos Band, and drinking a gourmet hot chocolate from Sipping Streams (a MOUNTAIN of whipped cream, drizzled with caramel and chocolate, with two stick of cinnamon, and it's homemade cocoa to boot). That's a nice way to spend a cold snowy morning while the Guppy is enjoying preschool.

No new artwork today, mostly because the things I'm working on are all under non-disclosure...

But have a clever silent auction display! I needed something I didn't want back to display the ornaments I was donating, as well as a way for the winner to get their ornaments home, and struck upon this idea:

The ornaments can be tucked into the box - a free priority flat rate box - at the end, it's all very pretty and super disposable, but sturdy enough for the job. I would do something a little shorter and more weighted for glass ornaments, but for the light shatter-proof skellies, the taller display was preferable - last year, the auction tables were quite tightly packed, and it was tough to see everything.

My music has moved through Star Wars soundtrack to Kula Shaker, and it's about time to log off and go do grocery shopping.

Oh! I've also dyed my daughter's hair with a purple streak, because parenting is awesome. I'll try to get her to hold still for a photo soon.

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