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Sometimes I feel so full of gratitude and so glad for my life and my friends and my family and all the blessings and brightness that are around me that I'm afraid to say anything, like it's something fragile and shy and making eye contact with it will scare it off.

But I am so, so grateful for all of it. For all of you.

We had a beautiful dinner. We roasted a chicken, since none of us are nuts about turkey and there are only three of us. It turned out beautifully, all golden and crispy and moist. We had it with a green bean casserole made with heavy cream instead of milk, and a boxed stuffing. I also baked a dutch apple pie that blew my last pie out of the water, even though the top got a little dark in the middle. It was all quite amazing, and we ate ourselves silly.

Today's artwork is one of the #smaugust/#inktober pieces that I did for my Patreon patrons:

(Since Thanksgiving is now behind us, posting Christmas artwork is fair game, right??)
The sponsor gets first dibs on the original, but it may become available!

And last but not least, the Sketch Fest ACEO print sale is open! It runs through the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday weekend.


If you find bugs, let me know. This was a bit of a stretch to my programing abilities, and I learned all kinds of fancy new things to apply to this. I think it's a pretty slick system, but if you find a way to break it, I'll get my bug-fixing hammer. You'll note that there are even ways to search the prints! I'll be applying this search engine to the greater site after the sale is over. If you've been lax about checking categories, you may regret it!

Artists, you can still upload prints - I'll be approving them whenever I can throughout the weekend. Login and browse to your page - the upload link is underneath each thumbnail image.

Now I'm going to watch Clone Wars and fall into bed.


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Nov. 26th, 2016 08:02 pm (UTC)
Glad to hear you had a great holiday. :) You always seem so incredibly busy!

I hope this new feature of the aceo prints will run smoothly for you. I have uploaded a bunch, and also checked again which originals I still have lying around. Unfortunately I couldn't find some of my favourites for the print option, so they'll have to wait for some other time. I'm still not done tidying. :P

I also saw some interesting images in the big pile, so I might even order some myself! Can't see which aceo's I've added to my collection though... Might not be so bad if I knew exactly what I've added, but it says 3 and I thought I had only clicked 2 so far. ;)

Nov. 26th, 2016 08:51 pm (UTC)
Ahhah! I've fixed this. (It happens when a stray , gets in the database, usually when someone tries to add 0 prints.)
Nov. 27th, 2016 10:22 am (UTC)
Looks muuuuch better now, thanks. :D
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