Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily if $brain_not_found

$mode = "SET language = programming.";
$result = fetch_logic($mode);

if ($periodic_update == daily)
{ #add artwork

$sale_status = 'sold';
$description = 'I shared a thumbnail image of this #inktober earlier, but it's got enough tiny detail to post in full! Prompted at Sketch Fest, and sponsored for completion through Patreon during #inktober.';

#funny Guppy story

Error! Humor not found! Guppy cupcake cascade error at Safeway results in Mom sprinting across store to catch her and walk her back to cart. Guppy decides that 'I like to be dragged!' and pretends her legs no longer work.

#progress report

$laundry_status = 'still in dryer.';
$book_status = 'unchanged.';
$current_efforts = 'Black Friday ACEO print sale site programming. Fantastic progress. Amazing results. Brain communication problems.';

} #end if

else { $alternate_reason_for_posting = 'not found.'; }
Tags: #inktober, artwork, guppy, programming

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