Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with chaga tea artwork...

This was another for the Wild Teas of Alaska coloring book:

I am unleashing another project! This one is brief and simple - I will be selling ACEO prints of Sketch Fest artwork over Black Friday Weekend (spanning Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday). Artists can upload print files of ANY Sketch Fest piece they've ever done, and it will be available as a print. Artists will receive $2 for each print, and EMG will receive the rest.

Uploading for artists is available now! I'm putting the shopping features together now. How fancy it ends up being will depend on how many people start uploading artwork, and how cooperative a certain small monster is. It may be very barebones.

In other project things, PA artists, there are six submitted descriptions currently open. It's a great time to get involved!

In other news, I have SOLVED my not-a-book problems. Well, maybe not completely solved. But I have figured out a big part of what was bugging me, and how to fix it.

Today I have company, and sushi, and games with Guppy!
Tags: artwork, coloring books, sketch fest

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