Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with more skeletons, Guppy story, and guilty pleasures.

I have been rebuilding my skeleton army, though these still need their festive wreaths/lights/stars:

Pteradactyls are WEIRD. I'm not sure they are convincing as skeletons. I also did a gryphon that I haven't photographed yet.

I may need a volunteer in the lower 48 to receive a box of black ornaments and ship them to me, because I've run into roadblocks trying to restock them. :/ The only place I've found that would ship them to me wanted $56 for the pleasure. I think the box will weigh about 3 lbs, and does not even have to be oversized. So, no.


In fun Guppy quotes:

She was wrapping herself in a blanket on the floor.
"I'm going to be a racoon and turn into a butterfly!"

So close!


I spent another $7.50 on my (er, Guppy's) Astrid costume and got some hockey shoulder pads at the used sports store. >.> There will be wrapping with duct tape and modification with scissors tonight. Mwahahaha. (I am having entirely too much fun with this.)
Tags: artwork, guppy, humor, ornaments

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