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Tuesdaily with catchup

I have not been blogging, but for good reasons!

Guppy's Halloween party was a blast, but the skirt shed spikes in a most alarming fashion, and she removed it partway through. The headband also required some further glueing, as the self-stick Velcro stuff was not happy to self-stick to the backside of the fake leather. I wore the costume myself on Sunday for the Coloring Tea Party (great, great fun, again!), and found that it wasn't just 4-year-old enthusiasm that caused the spikes to come off. After re-gluing and re-gluing, I finally got smart and STAPLED the suckers on. You can't see the staples at all, and the spikes stay on very well indeed. In fact, I test shook the skirt very vigorously, and a bunch of the beads fell off instead. Oops. I'll need to sew those on. :P

I won #inktober! I won! I haven't had a chance to scan yet, but I will have proof soon. Many will be available for sale, but speak up quickly if you spot one you'd like.

Here's #31

I've made excellent progress on my NDA project, and decent progress on the last outstanding commission I have. I've also painted lots more skeleton ornaments. They are so much fun. The UWA bazaar is this weekend, and I will have an army of festive dinosaur skeletons, plus some mythical critters, too:

Just shy of 1000 words on my not-a-book today, and I got up early yesterday to add another 1000 to it. It's like pulling teeth, but I am determined to Get Er Done.

I've got another promotional project on deck that is proving to be TREMENDOUS fun. I cannot wait to release it. I'm nailing down dates now, and will have more information about it soon.

Also, I made an apple pie today. A DUTCH apple pie, which is like a regular apple pie with ice cream already injected underneath the crust. No soggy crust! All the creamy joy! So easy and delicious! Jake will be lucky if there is any left to come home to.

My attendance at a tea party is now required. There are also dishes to wash, and although it is not cold out, I am considering a fire in the woodstove.
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