Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily, back home! #inktober begun...

I spent the weekend at SenshiCon, which was a delightful feast for the senses. Sales were modest on Saturday and modestly dire on Sunday, which would have been fine if I'd lived in Anchorage. I paid for my table easily, and about half my hotel stay (yay for airline miles!). I would love to go back, but it will have to be bundled with something else if I do. I did have time to do my first two #inktober pieces, and I also painted a number of ornaments. I also gave out all of my business cards, so hopefully some of that will come back around, too...

Here are the first two #inktobers:
(Both originals are on hold for the Patreon patrons who sponsored them)

Photos of the ornaments will wait until later in the week when I have them in hand again. (They are driving back with laylalawlor, while I flew.)

A pile of rough sketches are off to a client this afternoon, and a Guppy (who is very happy to have me back) is eating my hardwon Cinnabon. A fire is crackling in the woodstove, and the familiar strains of Megamind are keeping me company while I start a dish of potatoes au gratin...
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