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My studio is about 85% back together - I still need to sweep (AGAIN) and put the rug back down and move a few boxes and put down some 2x4 stand-offs, but it's USEABLE again, and about 100x neater and better organized than it was. And dry. Thankfully, the only things I lost were a few boxes - priority flat rate or boxes I'd been saving to re-use.

I have orders out.

My inbox is down to about 50.

I got my artwork mailed to a show in Seattle.

I got two new digital downloads up at Etsy shop - two new pieces from my Wild Teas of Alaska coloring book that I haven't posted here yet. Go see! And you can use Fall40 to get 40% off anything at my shop until the end of the month... which is only Friday!!

I have been steadily refining the sketches from #smaugust to ink in #inktober.

On that note, I am SO EXCITED about #inktober! My darling, darling husband who is the bestest got me the Artsnacks #inktober chest and I adore it and cannot wait to try it all out.

The edits to the Wild Teas book have been made and sent to the printer. There is at least a chance that I will have them on hand for Senshi-Con this weekend.

And on that note: Anchorage! You are on notice! I am coming to Senshi-Con next weekend! Come and raid the Bargain Bin, see my wonderful books in person, get things signed! I'll have limited stock of some special edition 78Tarot goodies, and copies of the Clockwork Queen of Oz, and all KINDS of wonderful, amazing things.

Laundry and various mundane tasks, like exchanging propane tanks and making a fire (not actually related...), have been accomplished and herein documented so that I can feel like I've done something today...

Besides rebuilding the studio, the weekend was also spent rearranging Guppy's room. We got a gorgeous, hand-carved, all-wood piece of furniture from a friend who was moving to put in her room, but when we put it in the space I'd made for it, Jake looked at how crowded it looked and said NOPE, so we spent a good while moving the bed and the bookshelves until we'd completely redesigned the room into something airy and really wonderful. It's a marvelous space now. Guppy loves it.


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Sep. 27th, 2016 05:08 am (UTC)
would say more but am prophylactic sly drunk.
Sep. 27th, 2016 11:04 am (UTC)
that's a beautiful picture of guppy <3
Sep. 28th, 2016 07:12 am (UTC)
Woot, email down by more than 90%! I must steal a page from your playbook and get mine under control.

I look forward to the inktober sketches.
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