Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weekend catch-up report

The weather has been glorious, and after this rainy, soggy summer, we deserve it.

Jake and I uncovered all the firewood so it could dry out a little in the sun, and tackled the disaster area of our downhill 'yard.' We consolidated the remaining woodpiles on this side of the house, which meant pulling up about seven pallets and several very deep stakes, and then moved the truck cap up behind the garage and picked up just a whole lot of general stuff that had accumulated over the past ten or fifteen years. I got to use my awesome garden clippers, and took out a whole forest of tree sprouts, some of them more than two inches in diameter. The view of our forest is much more gorgeous now, and far less hill billy. We just have the snow machine to figure out how to move - it needs to go up by the garage so we can get it running this winter.

The difference is astounding. I wish I'd taken before and after photos.

My arms and legs and back and knees are feeling the work, though. Ow.

I've been getting up before 6 AM every day to work on writing lately, since that seems to be my only chance. It's slow going, but if I write 500 words a day (doable!), I will be done by the end of the month - I'm over 14k now, and liking the story again.

I'm also crawling forward on an art project. "Let's draw lace!" my brain told me. "It will be fun!" THANKS, BRAIN.

I only got to 21 or 22 on Smaugust (and still need to scan them), but it was fun. I'll be refining sketches this month and getting ready for INKTOBER! Because I love Inktober. I am skipping Sketchtember, because I'm not crazy. Much.

Gotta get writing before childmonster rises... going now!
Tags: alaska, garden, housebuilding, writing

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