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Last week, in adventures-with-a-four-year-old, we went to the dentist for the first time. She did well, but was squirmy, and had no cavities. She even let them do xrays to check for an impacted tooth (none! Yay!).

This week, in adventures-with-a-four-year-old, we went to the eye doctor for the first time. She was mostly good, and it's very hard for a four-year-old to focus for that long and sit that still.

We also rode on the train at Alaskaland and played on the swings, and did not get a nap today.

She is hanging on the arm of the couch saying mom mom MOM MOM MOM mmmmmooooommmmm right now, which is really killing my ability to blog or think about anything for longer than about two seconds at a time.

Guppy: Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM!

Me: You HAVE to stop doing that.

Guppy: I just don't think that's going to happen.

I have to go hug her and play pretend tea party or something again or I'm just going to strangle her.
Tags: guppy, humor
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