Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Things that happened today. The VERY Monday edition.

*I had to replace 30 coloring books that were damaged in transit.
*I spent an hour trying to submit a shipping insurance claim (that won't cover all of the expense anyway), only to be told that their system is broken. Try again tomorrow.
*I got a big box of coloring books I'd sent to a con returned as unclaimed. Recipient as baffled as I am.
*My laptop crashed. I lost the last several hundred words I'd written on my not-a-book. Everything ELSE recovered successfully. The replacement battery is no good, I popped the older one in and things seem to be working again.
*The fuser in my laser printer is on its very last legs.
*I forgot to bring the propane tank into town to refill.
*I spent about a zillionty hours on the telephone, between making half a dozen appointments and trying to get USPS tech support. I had varying levels of help with each phonecall. (By which I mean a drone of 'Mommy,mommy,mommy,MOMMY' in the background.)
*I got a rejection letter for an art thing.
*Chrome doesn't support the gallery script that I JUST added to my webpage, so now it's all stupid-looking.

I'm going to bed before I can add anymore to this list.
Tags: whine

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