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Tuesdaily with a #smaugust

I am more tired than the hour warrants. But, I come bearing artwork!

(Some I can share, some, I cannot...)

This is the first #smaugust sketch. It's a bit on the rough side, but I think it captures what I wanted it to. It may get refined in October... or it may not!

This was prompted by Angie at Patreon, and the way this month is shaping up, I may only get to the patron-suggested prompts!

No words to report today (I am logging this to keep me honest), and it's August somehow, so I need to do a July roundup. (I fear it will be slim!)

I made an everything turnip au gratin, and I fear this one was not a success. In no small part this is because I didn't have any of the correct cheese (3 leftover cheeses of the wrong kind were used), I was out of milk (fortunately, I had powdered milk to work with), and turnips are juicier and tougher than I expected. It's... not inedible. And the flavor is actually quite nice. The texture is just not au gratiny.

Guppy "helped" me, and it was entertaining listening to her talk in her non-stop way. Her imaginary friends helped her, and at one point, she chortled about the baby shredded cheeses crying for their mothers. "But I already ate the mommy cheeses!" she declared. Are all four-year-olds little psychopaths?

Off to work on a sketch and an anthology illustration, and watch some Charmed because that's about my mental level. Guppy is still making noise upstairs (I can hear her rearranging her bed for the fifth or sixth time) and it may be an early night for me if she gets quiet soon.


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Aug. 3rd, 2016 06:57 pm (UTC)
Are all four-year-olds little psychopaths?
yeah, pretty much. At least you don't have a little guy...they think farting is high comedy...all of the time. Sighs.
Aug. 7th, 2016 01:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Are all four-year-olds little psychopaths?
In all of my experience with kids that age, I have to agree. No small job of a parent is to turn them into non-psycopathic human beings.
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