Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with progress and proofs and much vague excitement.

First round of edits on my not-a-book are done! I will hand it off for third-party copyedits now, but I'm feeling like this is pretty clean and finished overall, having read it in entirety today for the first time.

Also, I've got the last of the coloring book proofs in hand!

I have made all the nit-picky changes and approved things for print, and they are saying that it's possible I will have the hardcopies in hand by FRIDAY. Isn't that nuts?! NUTS.

In other things, I have applied for something very pie-in-the-sky, for which I will need to do a presentation mid-July.

I have also been ACCEPTED for something I thought was pie-in-the-sky, which I will share in greater, gorier detail soon, and I am lined up for another publishing project I'm super, super excited about.

Now I have to go make lunch for the child-things, and move, because I've been sitting still working on story edits for too long.
Tags: artwork, coloring books, writing

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