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Tonight I get to go share the wonderful world of coloring for (so-called) grown-ups with a postpartum support group here in town! I'll be bringing supplies to try, and free sheets, and samples of my books. It should be fun.

(And to be honest, I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I agreed to do this until I was reminded yesterday... I had signed up to do it during the last days of the Kickstarter, when working braincells were at a premium, and I apparently did not put it in my calendar, as would have been intelligent. Fortunately, I have this sort of thing basically ready to go at the drop of a hat now, and I'm looking forward to it!)

Another 1000 words on my story today, and I keep thinking I'm super close to finishing filling in this little gap... and then I add another 1000 words and it's still not done. The story is nearly to 32k. (Which is a good thing!) I think I'm REALLY just one scene away now. Then some edits!

No coloring book proofs yet, but hopefully today - I'm picking up some coloring sheets for my demos, and there's a chance the proofs will be done then. *crossing fingers* I can proof over the weekend, make any corrections (hopefully few or none!) and start the actual printing next week.

Next week is Sketch Fest! Mark your calendars!

I don't have another junicorn to share yet - just the bare bones of one started last night before watching an episode of GOT. (I don't get much done during that show - too riveting.)

Now getting child ready to go to the library with Grandma! Replenishing a bookstore! Picking up prints! I started this entry hours ago...



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Jun. 12th, 2016 01:29 am (UTC)
<happy sketchfest dance>
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