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Catch-up post with lots of AMAZING and many, MANY photos and a list of doom.

I have the first round of edits back on my book, all of the artwork is now in hand for the new coloring books (because my artists are ROCK STARS), more than 500 unread emails after a few days off of the grid, I have about 1000 photos to process (not exaggerating!), laundry to do, a house to clean, my studio is a disaster, I've got Sketch Fest payments to send, it's a new month so I need to get Patreon perks out and do my wrapup, and I've got FOUR hours of childfree time to get it all done in. WATCH ME GO.

First, a brief catch-up, and a photo dump.

We spent our birthday weekend camping in our van up north. We spent two nights at our favorite site, and discovered a new campground further north where we spent two more nights. Guppy stayed with her grandparents, and it was BLISS. I mean sure, we ran out of propane and had to borrow jumper cables at one point, but overall, the trip was AMAZING. We hiked, I read two books (Discount Armageddon and a re-read of Matchbox Girls), we ate amazing food, we sat around campfires and lounged in hammocks and listened to the water flowing, and basically recharged from the roots.

This area had been through a devastating fire a few years back...

I love this sign with the shark fin rock on the hill...

Then we came back for one day, and Mom and Guppy and I took the train to Denali, which was AMAZING. The weather was gorgeous on the way down, and the mountains were beautiful, and our car was only about a quarter full, and everyone had a really great time. We paid for the Goldstar service, which included seats in the dome-top car (WOW!) and a big delicious breakfast and was worth every penny because of the open deck I could hang out on taking photos. It was super windy, and I often had my camera strap in my teeth because the wind threatened to pull it off me and I really didn't want to drop my camera.

Guppy was excited but a little dubious about the adventure at first.

But quickly warmed up to things.

And I'm glad we had extra seats around us, because asking her to sit still is like trying to nail Jello to a tree.


I'd been waffling about bringing my good (giant) camera lens, but it was SO SO worth it.

My dad picked us up in Denali to drive home, because Guppy is just not up to a four hour wait in the park for the return train - and it worked out perfectly. We ate a picnic lunch at Riley Creek, and she fell asleep for a great one-hour nap on the way back, then enjoyed the rest of the trip enormously. On the drive home, we saw these two, who hammed it up - and mostly showed us their butts.

If you'd like prints of any of these, let me know! They are $18 for 8.5 x 11 archival matte prints, which includes US shipping.

Unrelated, we also watched Deadpool with Jake and my sister before she flew home a while back, and it was hilarious. Really exceeded my expectations.
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