Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

ZOMG Wednesdaily

Thank GOODNESS tomorrow is the last day of this Kickstarter, because my nerves are shot. We funded Fairies and Friends this morning, and we're less than $350 from the AlphaBestiary! I am putting up Dragons, Fairies, and Fantasy Horses Vol 2 reprints as the stretch goal after that, and refreshing my email every few moments.


And, as promised, a REAL release of Tentacle Friends. I have a color version as well, but my Photoshop file is corrupt (?!), so I'm going to have to re-scan. That shall wait. The original is listed at $300, which means it's a crazy cheap $150 until tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM (Alaska Time). Or you COULD win her by sharing my Kickstarter before noon tomorrow on social media. See this post for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/626040467572232/permalink/626922660817346/

Guppy is begging me to take her on a walk, so we're going to go hit the trails for a little bit with Norway.
Tags: artwork, kickstarter

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