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Pile of ... something

Just dragged out of bed following several hours of godawful miserableness. Or however that's supposed to be in decent English. Migrane started about noonish, accompanied by standard lack-of-appetite that led to sugar crash that led to general feeling of pile-hood naseau and kill-me-now. It's 10, I was down with the ice pack since about 7 or 8, and now I have the general shakes and I intend to go try to put some protein in my (still blechy) stomach. So much for productivity tonight, though I did get 'Only Fear' nearly finished before the eyes didn't focus any more. And it wasn't as bad as it somethings gets... I wasn't ready to scoop my eyes out of my head. Quite.

My designalaska.com email was down for a whole long time this afternoon, so if you tried to email me there, it bounced. The server seems inaccessible to me still, but that could be any number of things; write to me at ellen @ ellenmilliongraphics.com if you need to get ahold of me, please.

I have my third Tai Chi class tomorrow at 10. I'm enjoying it enormously, even though I started out a few classes behind.
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