Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Kickstarter Jitters (Mondaily in disguise)

First the great news: my home Internet is back up and working. *wibbles gratefully*

(Seriously, I was getting a little desperate. I did a lot of my work in advance, so the Kickstarter has been ready to go for a while, but there's a certain amount of hype you try to generate right before you launch, and I was feeling like I was going to miss that precious window...)

And on the topic of Kickstarter...


I plan to launch it tomorrow morning about 10 AM (2 PM ET).

I am very, very nervous.

You'd think, this being my fourth Kickstarter, that it would be old hat, but it's still a Really Big Deal. There's a lot more competition for so-called adult coloring books these days. Maybe the market is saturated. Maybe mine just aren't awesome enough to compete! Or maybe I'm just not enough of a marketer to convince people that they are that awesome (because they ARE, darn it).

And the video, it is so epic. I will probably never live it down. When you see it, you will realize the lengths to which I will go to sell coloring books. I kickbox*, you guys. Very badly.

And I want to apologize in advance, because for the next few weeks, this is going to be a Big Deal in my blog. I promise to try not to make it All Kickstarter, All the Time, but I will undoubtedly blather about it a lot, and link to it every time, because Links Matter. Your links matter, too, and I do hope that you will share it. It is always awkward to ask, but I am really, unbelievably grateful when you believe in my projects enough to spread the word.

(I have a tendency to be a bit precious about what I share because I don't want to play favorites or leave anyone out; if you don't choose to share my projects, I will never, ever be judgey about it or think the worst. You have no obligation to market for me, and I would be a heel for trying to make you feel like you did.)

Anyway, these are my rambling night-before thoughts.

I am nervous and excited and terribly proud. (And a little embarrassed. This video, OMG.)

*I have never kickboxed in my life. I have only the vaguest Hollywood idea of how it works. This video is wonderfully terrible.
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