Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

And so it goes...


Got the t-shirts loaded to the shopping cart. Just need to start adding them to the page, and do a long, long, long overdue product page update. Want to get t-shirts added first, 'cause I'm gunna have to do all the pages again after that anyway... Still have to fix Epilogue ad. Not terribly impressed with hits from the ad, Elfwood's hits are still beating 'em sideways. Maybe it'll pick up when I have a decent ad.

Haven't had time to fix the e-cards. :( Removed 'em from the sidebar finally, and should remove 'em from the footer, too.

So much I want to do, so very, very little time.

I will resist the corporate world! I have tomorrow off. :P Which is good, 'cause I got orders to fill. And t-shirts to order. And books to print. And worlds to conquer.

Yaktrax rock. They're these rubbery thingies that you pull over your shoes that have wire wrapped around on the bottom. Great for sticking to ice!! Mother nature is still vastly confused. It was 40 in town yesterday. 40?!?!?! In November?!?!?! It's /supposed/ to be about 80 degrees colder. Darn it.

Horoscopes!! *smacks head* Tonight, Ciri... I'll get 'em to you tonight some time.

Okay, list time.


high priority
~Add t-shirts for existing designs
~Rebuild product pages
~Add Woodworks fundraising page
~Add new work and new artists
~Go through submissions and write all rejection/acceptance letters
~Fill orders
~print Sylver's book
~RWH tarot cards
~Ad for Epilogue
~Order t-shirt blanks
~Remove ecards, rebuild all pages
~Signature pages!!!!!

lower priority
~Fix ecards
~Clean up a few minor details on the submission pages
~More campaigning...

Kaz and RWH

Really, they aren't on my radar right now... sad, but true... Unless you count the RWH tarot, which is much more business than fandom. Oh, no, that's not true; I have Cause and Effects edits which really, really need to be finished and won't be that much work. Do those, and I'll be happy.

House stuff

~bring computer to house. Getting /real/ old sharing a computer there and commuting. I need a spacial compressor, darn it.
~Gee... finish it? Would love to have more outlets, a shower, a handrail on the stairs. Have to fix the damn doorknob.

Self stuff

~Finish mermaids
~Finish bad snowy
~Finish Hang In There
~Take some time OFF
~Finish Torn World story

I guess I'd better get going...

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