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ETA: Kickstarter in ONE WEEK! So excited! Are you on the mailing list? Watching us at Facebook?

Guppy and I had great fun going through a car wash today. She suggested it, as she often does when we go through that particular intersection and she spots the Car Wash sign - and today I agreed because I was REALLY TIRED of not being about to see out my rear window. The puddles aren't at all gone, and our driveway still has slush on it, even, but it's nice being able to touch my car without coming away filthy and to see out all the windows again.

I have finished my taxes today! Okay, almost - I just need to print and sign them. SUPER CLOSE.

And I finally decided on the final lineup for the Fishtank book, and got the cover finished. I'm working up Kickstarter graphics now and have seen bits of the video that make me squee with giddy joy.

Almost out of naptime. I did get 625 words added to my story, and I talked to people at Fred Meyers about stocking my books. They suggested a specific distributor that they use who apparently has exactly ZERO web presence. I could find a Facebook page with 0 likes and no information, and a phone number that I called to find was discontinued. Hmph.
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