Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursdaily with cheesy selfie, art progress (slooowww!), and dentist report

So, today I curled my hair, put on makeup, donned a super hero cape, and went to film ridiculously cheesy footage in the only alley in Fairbanks (and also the bird refuge, and also the parking garage).

This year's Kickstarter video? Is going to be AWESOME.

(The curls did not last, alas, despite copious hairspray, and it's pretty obvious I only apply makeup approximately 2 times every 3 years and have no idea what I'm doing.)

Afterwards, I got some inking time and a hot cocoa at River City downtown, and pumped gas in my superhero cape and smiled at everyone who would meet my eyes...

I got everything inked! Now I'm going back over the whole thing to finesse lineweights, which is one of my favorite parts. It's nice now, but I love making it pop just a little bit more at this stage.

I got a clean bill of health at the dentist yesterday!! I have been diligently flossing and wearing my nightguard, and everything looks GREAT. I feel like a million bucks and promptly went out and bought myself chocolate treats to celebrate. >.>
Tags: art wip, artwork, health, kickstarter, photos

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