Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Things are definitely looking up.

43 shirts? Hmm... I dunno... that might be too many. I'm trying to decide which shirts to offer, and worry about dumping too many choices on my customers. Then again, usually the client falls in love with the design and wants it on everything, doesn't just go searching for a product. Usually. I'll offer all of 'em; I don't have to make 'em unless they sell. Hmm... that doesn't include work I haven't posted that I /know/ I'll offer as shirts. Oh well. Maybe t-shirts'll be a big EMG money-maker. I'd like to make money. *nodsnods*

Day is definitely improving. :)

I got a $1/hr raise, and if I want, DA will spring for a graduate degree in art. How cool is that??! Got the 'don't you want to be salaried...' speech. Turned it down again. Got the 'you are a valued employee who can do anything and we're lucky to have you' spiel, and a glowing, positively glowing letter of review. Woo hoo!

I suppose I oughta go do some work, eh?

Darned email box is big again. :(

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