Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily with a cold.

Not feeling good is getting very old. Every time I think I'm over this cold, it comes roaring back. Either that, or I am catching a New! Exciting! Cold! every other week.

It is making thinking and doing things very slow.

Child is on a hunger strike today. Also, briefly, an underwear strike, but I think that has passed.

I've been updating my coloring books at Amazon, got several little webfixes done, and have been getting (slowly) through some email. Submissions for coloring books are coming in steadily, and I am SO excited about the books I'll be able to put together.

Also, I have dyed my hair brilliant red. It is glorious. If I felt less like crap, I would share photos of it. You'll have to use your imagination, instead.
Tags: health

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